About Inclusio

Inclusio is a Belgian REIT specialising in the field of social real estate investing in 3 different sectors:

  • Affordable housing (980 units to date)
  • Housing facilities for disabled persons (115 units to date)
  • Social infrastructure: schools, daycare centres, buildings for asylum seekers, offices for non-profit organizations (4 units to date)

Inclusio is listed under the name INCLU on Euronext Brussels since 10 December 2020.

Its equity capital combined with the use of its credit lines has enabled Inclusio to grow its real estate portfolio to 189 million EUR as of June 30, 2021. The rental revenues are expected to reach 7 million EUR for 2021.

All further information regarding the Company can be found on our website: www.inclusio.be.

Avenue Herrmann-Debroux 40
1160 Brussels